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Are you suffering from unresolved pain from Bunions, Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis or other foot issues or pain that hasn’t been properly diagnosed? Do you feel the doctor you saw didn’t really listen to you or understand your pain? Were you given unnecessary shots you might not have needed?

Dr. Frank Colabella listens to you and prides himself on making sure you get the correct diagnosis and treatment for your condition. Then he follows through to make sure you get the results you came for.

The story below is a good example of the level of care and caring that Dr. Colabella gives his patients.

My Story

My enjoyment of treating patients emanates from my passion to give the most appropriate care. I once met a patient with moderate to severe pain in both his great toe and heel of the same foot. He related having been to another doctor and received instructions to ice, elevate and take ibuprofen. Upon questioning, I discovered that a proper exam with x-ray was not actually done. From my initial evaluation I concluded he had a fractured bone of his great toe and a heel spur of the same foot. Both are conditions that would not only not heal with the previously prescribed treatment but could cause him lifelong problems of a broken bone healing wrong. After applying a proper splint and removing the bone spur through a minimally invasive procedure, he was properly healed and completely relieved. This is one example of patients I have treated who were mis-diagnosed or not diagnosed. My experience taught me to listen to the patient and look carefully and never pre-judge. You as a patient deserve that much for your foot care.

What patients have to say

Recently Dr.Frank Colabella performed  bunionectomies on both my left and right feet, I couldn't be happier with the end results , co pared to stories I heard from other people that had this done by other surgeons my experience was totally different in a very positive way, I had very little discomfort and the healing and end results is amazing , I highly recommend Dr.  Colabella  for this procedure.August 1,

September 2019 • Joyce T.Source: Google

Had a consultation with Dr. Colabella for my foot. He was very informative, inviting and had great bedside manners. He is very knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to recommend what he felt was best for me and my care. Found a great physician I trust and highly recommend him to anyone!
August 1, 2019 • Adriana Bitonti.• Source: Google

I was in serious pain in my left heel and the ligaments in my calf were tight and painful. Dr. Colabella with his skilled hands, patient bedside manner, and advanced knowledge and training in treating podiatric problems of the foot, ankle, and calf, was able to provide the proper therapy, support, and the right orthotics, which several other podiatrists failed to do. I am pain free now and I highly recommend him for any problems you may have. Dr. Colabella and his friendly staff work with your insurance company to provide minimal out-of-pocket expenses. I have sent many of my family and friends to him and they are very satisfied with their results. Thank you Dr. Colabella!!!

August15, 2019 • Frank Labatto.• Source: Google

Excellent appointment. Great location. The doctor is super knowledgeable and compassionate. My foot problem is gone now and walking is comfortable. Thank you ...Dr. Colabella...You saved me!!
More than 1 year ago • Howard S.• Source: Zocdoc
After postponing going to a foot doctor for so long I’m glad I finally did. Dr. Colabella was great! I have a lot of foot problems and he explained treatment options for each. I got immediate relief from my ingrown toenail and next is scheduling surgery for my painful bunion. He’s excellent and I definitely recommend him. Your feet will be happy happy.
April 20, 2018•Initials hidden•Source: Zocdoc
Dr. Colabella recently performed a bunionectomy on my left foot. The procedure was fast and painless. The recovery time is a couple of weeks and he has been so helpful. He has contacted me himself to check up on the heeling process and sent advice for care which has been a huge help. When I saw him this most recent time he removed some stitches but left others that needed a longer healing time. I am still recovering but I already have less pain in the bunion area than prior to the surgery. I will be going back to him for the right foot ASAP.
July 9, 2019 • Simone S.• Source: Zocdoc

Dr. Colabella's foot facts to remember !

Foot Fact One

An effective way to help diagnose a wart is when pain is caused by side to side pressure and pin point the bleeding upon shaving the wart. Warts have their own Neurovascular supply.

Foot Fact Two
Planter Fasciitis often can be alleviated with a good pair of custom molded outhosis.
Foot Fact Three
Sweaty feet (hyperhydrosis) can be reduced considerably with Botox injections.
Foot Fact Four
Smelly feet, malodorous feet often are not caused by bacteriabut are caused by the manmade materials of shoues.
Foot Fact Five
Infected ingrown toe nails may not seem that serious yet, when left untreated they can lead to a much more serious bone infection.
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